Ashley Judd

Why I stand with Polaris

Ashley Judd|December 27, 2016

My travels around the world have seared into me that human trafficking is everywhere. Join me in making all people everywhere, once and for all, free.

Bringing Together Anti-Sex Trafficking Groups in Mexico

Andrea Rojas Solari|December 19, 2016

Consulting with groups who are on the front lines working with survivors is a critical step that will inform and mold our efforts to eradicate this crime.

Reuniendo organizaciones contra la trata sexual en México

Andrea Rojas Solari|December 19, 2016

Consultar con los proveedores de servicios que están en primera línea trabajando con los sobrevivientes es una manera consistente de informar y moldear futuras intervenciones en nuestro esfuerzo en erradicar este crimen.