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Polaris provides tailored and collaborative solutions for public agencies and businesses looking to prevent and eradicate human trafficking within their communities, business operations, or within their supply chains. Most recently, Polaris has provided services to businesses in the hospitality, technology, law, banking, agriculture, and transportation industries. Polaris has worked with public agencies in a variety of sectors, including labor, social services, transportation, health, child welfare, and law enforcement to identify and respond to human trafficking.

Polaris’s Advisory Services team leverages our experience working in the U.S. anti-trafficking landscape, providing services to survivors, and data analysis to inform our consultation services. Our specialists work collaboratively with partners to develop a comprehensive approach to addressing human trafficking across sectors.

Businesses, state and local governments, task forces and non profits can contact us for key information, consultations and support.

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Structured Learning and Consulting
Polaris provides training and workshops, both in person and online, to public agencies, nonprofits, and businesses that seek to combat and prevent human trafficking. Our consultation process engages participants to identify the forms of human trafficking that exist in their area and build a targeted response.

Practical Solutions
Polaris works with leadership partners to increase their capacity to prevent and eradicate human trafficking through tailored assessment materials, data collection and analysis, regionally-specific advice, peer-to-peer sharing, creation of response protocols and remediation action plans, and many other scalable solutions.

Knowledge Exchange
Polaris operates a clearinghouse of resources and evidence-based practices to support changemakers in the public and private sectors in their efforts to combat and prevent human trafficking. Through our network of partners who are working on human trafficking on the ground, we are able to connect stakeholders with allied professionals in their area for learning, ongoing support, and shared practices.

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Our team uses QuestionPro. QuestionPro is a powerful survey analytics tool and provides direct integrations with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

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