Andrea Rojas Solari

Strategic Initiative Specialist
Sex Trafficking from Mexico

Andrea is Polaris’s Strategic Initiative Specialist supporting the objectives of both the North America Build, Polaris’s effort to build a safety net spanning the North American region, and its Strategic Initiative to end the Sex Trafficking of Women and Girls from Mexico (STFM). Specifically, Andrea is responsible for managing all Mexico-related activities, including establishing and nurturing strategic partnerships with relevant local and national stakeholders in the U.S. and Mexico.

She brings a wealth of experience in the realm of human rights. She began her career working to provide rehabilitative services for torture survivors at Exil Center in Barcelona, Spain, before leading the expansion of the organization into an office in Chile. She also worked with the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants’ (USCRI) Post Release Services program for unaccompanied children from Central America, as well as a Program Officer for USCRI's Trafficking Victim Assistance program building a strong network of community organizations to serve trafficking survivors.

Blog Posts by Andrea Rojas Solari

Engaging Consulates in the Fight Against Sex Trafficking from Mexico

Megan Cutter|May 22, 2017

Polaris recently began a collaboration with the Mexican consular network to exchange information and knowledge that will strengthen our respective efforts to support survivors.

Colaboración con los consulados en la lucha contra la trata sexual de México

Andrea Rojas Solari|May 22, 2017

Polaris ha empezado a colaborar con la red consular mexicana para fortalecer nuestros respectivos esfuerzos de apoyo a las víctimas.

Bringing Together Anti-Sex Trafficking Groups in Mexico

Andrea Rojas Solari|December 19, 2016

Consulting with groups who are on the front lines working with survivors is a critical step that will inform and mold our efforts to eradicate this crime.