Corey Oser

Global Hotlines Director

Corey Oser serves as the Director of Programs for Polaris’ global hotline effort to build capacity among human trafficking hotlines around the world. She champions the endeavor to position hotlines as critical centers of coordination among service providers, government and law enforcement and identify gaps in resources and response. Under Ms. Oser’s leadership, the Global Hotlines team has built tools and resources to shape technical assistance initiatives in Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. She oversees the development of the Global Modern Slavery Directory, which attempts to identify as many organizations as possible that focus exclusively or partially on human trafficking and slavery across the globe. Ms. Oser leads Polaris’ new initiative to build a more coordinated response to trafficking in North America with a focus on building strong national hotlines in Mexico and Canada and fostering cross-border collaboration.

Prior to joining Polaris in 2014, Ms. Oser spent a decade improving economic and social outcomes for women in conflict-affected and resource-limited countries in leadership positions with Women for Women International and local NGOs in headquarters and field offices in Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Ms. Oser serves as an International Advisory Board member of the Global Youth Innovation Network, a youth-led initiative to advance economic opportunities for young people.

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