Jennifer Penrose

Director of Data Analysis

Jennifer Penrose is the Director of Polaris's Data Analysis Program. In this role, she oversees Polaris's work to harness the power of data to inform strategies to dismantle human trafficking networks and to prevent exploitation.  She has served as an adviser to a number of data initiatives with particular focus on technology, the finance industry, and data systems and sharing, and spoken internationally on data privacy and protection. Ms. Penrose joined Polaris in 2009, originally as a Call Specialist on the National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline, and has also served as a Regional Specialist and Systems and Data Coordinator at Polaris.


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Sex and Labor Trafficking Redefined in The Typology of Modern Slavery

March 29, 2017

Polaris released a new report that breaks down instances of sex and labor trafficking into 25 distinct categories, detailing the unique trafficker profile, recruitment tactics, victim profile, and method of control for each different subset of modern slavery.

Huffington Post | How Polaris Project is Using Technology to Disrupt Human Traffickers

November 16, 2016

As technology becomes more sophisticated, says Jennifer Kimball, Polaris Director of Data Analysis, so too do traffickers in finding ways to use it to help them recruit victims, sell victims, and hide from authorities.

Chronicle of Philanthropy | Unraveling Webs of Wickedness

April 08, 2016

As it helps victims and survivors get the assistance they need, the Polaris Project, a Washington nonprofit, is turning those phone calls and texts into an enormous storehouse of information about the shadowy world of trafficking...