Jennifer Penrose

Director of Data Analysis

Jennifer Penrose is the Director of Polaris's Data Analysis Program. In this role, she oversees Polaris's work to harness the power of data to inform strategies to dismantle human trafficking networks and to prevent exploitation.  She has served as an adviser to a number of data initiatives with particular focus on technology, the finance industry, and data systems and sharing, and spoken internationally on data privacy and protection. Ms. Penrose joined Polaris in 2009, originally as a Call Specialist on the National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline, and has also served as a Regional Specialist and Systems and Data Coordinator at Polaris.


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Fortune | How Palantir Uses Big Data to Find Missing Kids

March 15, 2016

Palantir Technologies, the data analytics companyprofiled in the current issue of Fortune, isn’t unique in its efforts to turn its software toward social good—plenty of tech companies do that. But unlike most, Palantir says it treats nonprofits like any other customer, not just as a “corporate social responsibility” afterthought.

Labor Trafficking Remains Unchecked in Sales Crews Industry

July 16, 2015

Polaris released a report today that details disturbing levels of labor trafficking within the traveling sales crew industry in the United States. Working within a largely unregulated industry, sales crew members are showing up at the doors of American homes to sell magazines or other products