At Polaris our staff members have the opportunity to make a daily impact towards ending human trafficking. Please take note that any individual seeking employment at Polaris must successfully complete a criminal background check and be in agreement with Polaris's values. If you have any questions, please email

Strategic Initiatives Director, IMB

As part of our mission to eradicate human trafficking, Polaris operates several strategic initiatives targeting specific human trafficking networks. Polaris is seeking a new Director to spearhead our efforts to disrupt the market of illicit massage businesses (IMB) that hide the sex and labor trafficking of tens of thousands of victims across the country.

Communications Officer (Bilingual English/Spanish)

Polaris’s Public Outreach and Communications department works to make Polaris a recognized global leader on human trafficking and to inspire audiences to get involved with our efforts to eradicate and prevent human trafficking.  We are committed to providing accurate information on human trafficking that empowers survivors without sensationalizing the issue.

Executive Associate

Polaris seeks a high-performing Executive Associate to work closely in primary support of its Chief Program Officer (CPO), to provide administrative, programmatic, and technical support.  The successful candidate will be supremely organized and detail-oriented with good proactive instincts for how best to be of help in a fast-moving and rapidly changing environment. She/he must be flexible, quick to learn, be able to anticipate needs, manage a busy calendar and improve systems when needed.

Advisory Services Fellow

The Advisory Services Fellow will participate in a wide range of activities designed to implement the team’s strategic priorities aimed at equipping communities to more effectively respond to situations of human trafficking. The fellow will work on a number of special projects related to researching promising practices and developing written recommendations and products for field practitioners across a broad professional base. The fellow will work directly with the Advisory Services Program, will work closely with the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC), and collaborate with other teams as needed.


Communications Fellow

Working as an integral member of the Public Outreach and Communications team, the Communications Fellow will help implement a media strategy that continues to raise the profile of Polaris and the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC). This fellowship works directly with members of the media to promote the organization’s goals, including state and federal policy advocacy, education and training efforts, fundraising, and awareness about the NHTRC hotline. The communications fellowship is an opportunity to work on exciting projects at the local, state, and national levels in a fast-paced communications operation.

Data Analysis Fellow

The Data Analysis Fellow will use data analysis to better understand human trafficking networks and to influence strategic initiatives aimed at eradicating trafficking. The fellow will work on a number of special projects related to researching, analyzing, and synthesizing quantitative and qualitative data.