March 3, 2017

Friday News Roundup: Tackling Trafficking from Multiple Angles

Every Friday, Polaris highlights noteworthy human trafficking stories in the media for our readers to check out, share, and respond to. Tell us your thoughts on these stories in the discussion below!

Here's What Human Trafficking Really Is

Refinery 29 2/23/2017

Why is it important to talk about? Compared to the scope of the issue, human traffickers are rarely convicted because, putting it broadly, the crimes are really hard to catch. "Slavery is a crime of opportunity — people do it because they can get away with it," Haugen says. "In parts of the world, if you enslave someone, you're more at risk of being struck by lightning than going to jail." Part of this has to do with the hidden nature of these crimes, but it's also because, in many countries where slavery happens, there's a breakdown of basic law enforcement that prevents offenders from getting convicted, Haugen says. "Either law enforcement is corrupt and people are paid off to not enforce, or it's the most poor or marginalized in society being affected, so people don’t care if it’s not enforced," he says.

Checked in, pimped out

Worcester Magazine 2/23/2017

These hotels and motels, often unaware and untrained to recognize what is going on, are where much of the action lies when it comes to sexual trafficking – far and away the most common form of human trafficking. The “boss” checks in, the girl gets a room and there begins the steady parade of strangers looking for nothing more than to get off and take off. So long as business is good — and the sex trade has become a lucrative business for the criminally enterprising — the woman might stay one night, two nights, maybe a week. Then it’s off to the next joint, the next stream of men.

How to Teach Teens About Human Trafficking

US News 2/21/2017

Actor Ashton Kutcher made headlines last week after giving emotional testimony before Congress on his efforts to fight human trafficking. Victims of human trafficking – modern slavery – perform labor or commercial sex acts by force, fraud or coercion. Many victims are children. While human trafficking occurs nationwide and to people of all socioeconomic levels, runaway and homeless youth are among the vulnerable, according to the National Human Trafficking Hotline. It's critical for schools to educate staff and students about human trafficking, Littrell says. There could be student victims or others being recruited. Schools are filled with caring adults who have relationships with students who can help young people in need of assistance.


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