Donor Spotlights

Ashley Judd

Why I stand with Polaris

Ashley Judd|December 27, 2016

My travels around the world have seared into me that human trafficking is everywhere. Join me in making all people everywhere, once and for all, free.

Meet the 11-Year-Old Mets Fan Teaming Up with the Nats Family to Fight Human Trafficking

Erica May-Scherzer|July 26, 2016

How five weeks of allowance can help in the fight against modern slavery.

Donor Spotlight: Artist and Activist Molly Gochman Won’t Let You Forget About Trafficking Victims

Joe Gallant|February 23, 2016

No victim should fall through the cracks of the systems that are meant to protect them.

Portrait of an Advocate: An Interview With Erica May Scherzer, Polaris Ambassador

Elaine McCartin|December 16, 2015

The first interview in Polaris’s new series spotlighting advocates involved in the fight against human trafficking. 

A Neighbor's Call: Ariel confronts trafficking in her own backyard

Ariel became aware of the gravity of the issue of human trafficking in the U.S. when she was confronted by it in her own backyard.

Amy’s Oscar Night Raises $2,300 to Stop Human Trafficking

Amy Scheidler, self-proclaimed “momager” from Michigan, has been hosting a party for Oscar Night every year since 2004 -- and for the past ten year