News Roundups

Friday News Roundup: Victim Voices

In this week's news, human trafficking victims share their stories, struggles and steps towards recovery.


Friday News Roundup: Vulnerabilities

In this week's news, we explore how certain vulnerabilities exist that make a person more at risk to be trafficked, such as but not limited to homelessness, language barriers, age, poverty, and gender expression.


Friday News Roundup: Human Trafficking and Gender

In this week's news, we explore how trafficking and gender intersects, especially within the different types of modern slavery.

Friday News Roundup: Tackling Trafficking from Multiple Angles

In this week's news, we take a look at several ways to continue to fight against human trafficking -- whether it be a social media campaign, listening to survivor stories or talking to teens.

Friday News Roundup: Anti-Human Trafficking Advocates Share Their Wisdom

Every Friday, Polaris highlights noteworthy human trafficking stories in the media for our readers to check out, share, and respond to. Tell us your thoughts on these stories in the discussion below!

Friday News Roundup: Beyond Law Enforcement, Other Ways to Combat Trafficking

In this week's news, texting apps, hotels, and forensic scientists are working hard to combat global human trafficking.