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Survivor Story: On new beginnings

December 30, 2015

Natalie was being kept in a hotel against her will and forced into prostitution. Here's her story.

Survivor Story: A Global Journey to Help Her Family

November 30, 2015

Lynette came to America for an exciting new opportunity, hoping to help her family back home. But when she arrived, her employers subjected her to threats and abuse.

Survivor Story: Abandoned by a Traveling Sales Crew

August 25, 2015

Kevin was recruited by a crew member who came to his door selling magazines. The crew that Kevin joined was under the control of several managers, all of whom openly boasted about their arrest warrants.

Survivor Story: Promised an Education, Forced to Work Instead

June 17, 2015

Thirteen year old Natalia was told by her parents she was moving to the U.S. with family friends who would allow her to receive an education and learn English. 

Survivor Story: Four Children and a 16-Year Relationship

May 03, 2015

With four children between them and a 16-year relationship, Mari couldn’t imagine leaving Darrell. She didn’t see any viable options, even though he was physically abusive and forced her into commercial sex when money was tight.

Survivor Story: Boyfriend Turned Trafficker

April 14, 2015

Sarah met a kind and generous older guy after running away from a broken home. But once she moved in with this new boyfriend, he forced her into commercial sex to pay his rent.