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Survivor Story: From Foster Care to Sex Trafficking

After running away from her foster family at 14 due to sexual harassment, Keisha met an older man who offered to help her find her biological family. Then he forced her into commercial sex to pay him back.

Survivor Story: Forced at Gunpoint

Brittany met a man at her local mall who offered her a job at his restaurant. Instead of working as a waitress, Brittany was forced to sell sex in a hotel room.

Survivor Story: Genocide Survivor to Labor Trafficking Victim

Upon coming to the United States with a wealthy family, Sabine was imprisoned in their home; unable to leave, she was made to work around the clock.

Survivor Story: Tricked by a Man She Trusted

Gabriella worked at a grocery store in Colombia. After moving to the United States in search of a better job, she was forced into prostitution by a person she trusted.

Survivor Story: He Dreamed of Working in the United States

Cristopher was thrilled to be fulfilling his lifelong dream to work in the United States, and he paid his labor recruiter nearly $5,000 for the opportunity.

Survivor Story: Samantha Shares Her Story

Our National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline referred Samantha to our Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area Client Services. She shared her story at the launch of the Global Human Trafficking Hotline Network.