Polaris in the News
|October 10, 2016

NBC4 Washington | DC Woman Speaks After Surviving 10 Years Forced Into Prostitution

Excerpts from NBC4 Washington:

A D.C. woman who survived being sold into slavery as a child and forced to work as a prostitute for 10 years is on the road to recovery and is telling her story.

...Amora's story is not unusual, said Bradley Myles, the CEO of the organization Polaris. The group works to eliminate modern slavery.
"This isn’t something that’s happening far away in Cambodia or Thailand -- it’s happening here in the United States, in our communities, and people need to wake up and realize that it's happening," he said.


...Many victims do not survive, said Ruby Corado of the organization Casa Ruby, which serves LGBT people.

"Many people commit suicide, many people just abuse substances, they abuse alcohol, they abuse drugs because there’s a lot of pain," Corado said.