Polaris in the News
|July 16, 2015

Reuters | The knock on your door may be a trafficking victim, Polaris says

Traveling sales crews hawking magazines and coupons door to door are a major form of labour trafficking in the United States, according to a report from the anti-slavery group Polaris.

Door-to-door sales came second only to domestic work for labour trafficking complants received on its hotline between January 2008 and February 2015, Polaris said in a report 'Knocking at Your Door' released on Thursday.

"We see really egregious labour exploitation in this industry," said Jennifer Kimball, Polaris director of data analysis, in a telephone interview.

Recruiters lure vulnerable young people with promises of big sales commissions, fun and adventure joining groups that travel from town to town knocking on doors to sell magazine subscriptions or sometimes grocery discount coupons.

But all too often the hefty sales commissions evaporate once travel and lodging costs are deducted, leaving the recruits with $5-to-$20 a day, scarcely enough to buy food and necessities.