Human Trafficking Posters for Hotels

Hotel room
Date Published: 
July, 2019
Updated Date: 
July, 2019

Traffickers regularly utilize hotels and motels as venues to conduct their criminal businesses because the anonymity they provide and the lack of awareness about the realities of human trafficking can make it easier to avoid detection. Hotels and motels can be used by traffickers as venues for commercial sex, and labor trafficking can be found in the industry's workforce and supply chains.

One way hotels can be proactive in the fight against trafficking is to post public signs that educate hotel goers about the crime and how to contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline – a 24/7, confidential, and multilingual lifeline that provides support and a variety of options for survivors of human trafficking to get connected to help and stay safe. Polaris worked with Marriott International, ECPAT-USA, and A21 Campaign to create new posters for any hotel who wishes to use them.

Click here to download the posters.