Human Trafficking Posters for Hotels

July, 2019

Traffickers regularly utilize hotels and motels as venues to conduct their criminal businesses because the anonymity they provide and the lack of awareness about the realities of human trafficking

Human Trafficking at Home: Labor Trafficking of Domestic Workers

July, 2019

In a given year, an estimated two million plus domestic workers are employed in the United States, caring for children, seniors and other loved ones, cleaning homes and in general, making it possib

​How to Identify Potential Victims of Human Trafficking

June, 2019

Polaris trained staff of the consulates (Washington, D.C. and Maryland) of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

Cómo Identificar Víctimas Potenciales de Trata de Personas

May, 2019
Polaris capacitó al personal de los consulados en Washington, D.C. y Maryland de México, Guatemala, El Salvador y Honduras sobre cómo identificar víctimas potenciales de trata de personas.

State Report Cards: Grading Criminal Record Relief Laws for Survivors of Human Trafficking

March, 2019

By its very definition, the crime of human trafficking involves people participating in some activity against their will.  Often those activities are illegal - prostitution, selling drugs, shoplift

Fighting Human Trafficking Across the U.S. - Mexico Border

September, 2018

Every day, powerful criminal networks and individual traffickers on both sides of the border recruit people for labor or sexual exploitation. To stop traffickers and support survivors, it is critical that civil society, governments, and law enforcement also collaborate internationally.