Fighting Human Trafficking Across the U.S.-Mexico Border

October, 2016

Every day, powerful criminal networks and individual traffickers on both sides of the border recruit people for labor or sexual exploitation.

More Than Drinks for Sale: Sex Trafficking in U.S. Cantinas and Bars

September, 2016

Across the United States, thousands of Latina women are prisoners of the sex trafficking industry in bars and cantinas. These women are victims of an underground sex economy, run by traffickers who go largely untouched.

Sex Trafficking and LGBTQ Youth

May, 2016

Nearly 40% of homeless youth identify as LGBTQ, in comparison to 7% of the general population.

2015 Hotline Statistics

January, 2016

This statistics report provides 2015 data from the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline, Polaris's BeFree Textline, and communications referencing overseas cases. 

Building the Global Safety Net for Victims of Human Trafficking: A Toolkit for Hotlines

December, 2015

This Toolkit breaks down the process of establishing an effective hotline and outlines key considerations in seven core areas of work: foundations in human trafficking; operations; staffing; partnerships; responding to calls; data management; and, outreach and awareness.