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Polaris Statement on

January 10, 2017

Polaris issued a statement tonight as, a long-time facilitator of sex trafficking in the United States, shut down the “adult” section of its website.

Authorization for End Modern Slavery Initiative Passes in NDAA

December 08, 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C. (December 8, 2016) – Polaris, a leader in the global fight to eradicate modern slavery and restore freedom to survivors, issued the following statement today after the U.S.

Bill to Clear Human Trafficking Survivor Criminal Records Introduced

September 29, 2016

Polaris hailed legislation, The Trafficking Survivors Relief Act of 2016, introduced to help survivors of human trafficking clear their criminal records of non-violent crimes they were forced to commit during their exploitation.

Polaris in the News

Ask Amy: Celebrate the season by giving to charity

December 27, 2016

The Chicago Tribune's Amy Dickinson featured Polaris in her "Ask Amy" column. Read an exerpt below:

Huffington Post | How Polaris Project is Using Technology to Disrupt Human Traffickers

November 16, 2016

As technology becomes more sophisticated, says Jennifer Kimball, Polaris Director of Data Analysis, so too do traffickers in finding ways to use it to help them recruit victims, sell victims, and hide from authorities.

NBC4 Washington | DC Woman Speaks After Surviving 10 Years Forced Into Prostitution

October 10, 2016

A D.C. woman who survived being sold into slavery as a child and forced to work as a prostitute for 10 years is on the road to recovery and is telling her story.

Opinion Pieces


October 07, 2016
By Luis Wertman Zaslav, President of the Red Nacional de Consejos Ciudadanos de México
Una promesa de amor, de trabajo, de casa. En suma de una mejor vida, es normalmente la puerta de ingreso a la trata de personas, uno de los crímenes más atroces que hemos creado en la historia. 

CNN Opinion | Fighting sex trafficking in the 'town built on exploitation'

December 01, 2015

By Bradley Myles, Special to CNN

(CNN) Rosa was only 17 years old when she was approached in her small hometown in Mexico by a man claiming to sell clothing. Instead, he began courting her and she quickly fell in love with him.

Huffington Post | Combating Human Trafficking in the Hotel Industry

July 22, 2015

By Bradley Myles, CEO of Polaris

A teenage girl uses cash to rent a room with an older man. A housekeeper, who appears to be living on site, nervously averts eye contact when a guest approaches. A string of men enter and leave a particular room throughout the night, each staying for only 30 minutes at a time.

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