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There are many ways to help combat human trafficking besides donating money! You can contact your elected representatives about supporting important legislation to combat the crime and help survivors. You can learn more about how human trafficking really works and help educate others. And you can volunteer in your community to fight not just trafficking but the factors that lead to trafficking – including poverty, addiction and hopelessness.


Help Disrupt Human Trafficking Networks

It is too easy for criminal networks to hide their true identity when setting up illicit companies. Attorneys, accountants, and others that work for these companies are currently exempt from having to ensure their clients are operating within the law. Congress has the power to close this loophole by passing the bipartisan ENABLERS Act and help ensure they are not enabling human trafficking.

Federal Criminal Records Relief for Survivors

By its very definition, the crime of human trafficking involves being forced, manipulated or tricked into activities that a person would not otherwise engage in – such as selling sex or picking vegetables for hours in the hot sun with no pay. Yet the federal government has no mechanism to ensure that people who have federal criminal charges on their records as a result of their victimization can get those records cleared and move on with their lives. This is long overdue. Tell Congress: Federal criminalized trafficking victims deserve relief.

Raise Awareness About Trafficking and Grooming

Understanding the realities of how love is often used as a weapon in situations of human trafficking is critical to preventing it. Learn more about the grooming process and what love doesn’t look like. Share our videos and graphics on social media to expand awareness of what human trafficking really looks like — directly from the experiences of survivors.

Human Trafficking Training

Compassionate, committed individuals and communities like yours are the most powerful resource there is to prevent and reduce human trafficking. But to leverage your power, you need the best possible information. Take our free introductory course, Human Trafficking 101, to learn what human trafficking really is, how it happens, and how you can be part of the solution.

Ready to take even more action?

If you are looking to help but haven’t found exactly what you are looking for – take a look at all of our active actions. Or check out even more ways to help.


Take Action

Need help? Polaris operates the U.S. National Human Trafficking Hotline.