Love & Trafficking: Social Media Toolkit

Contrary to popular misconceptions, sex trafficking rarely begins with kidnapping by a stranger. Instead, sex traffickers groom their victims by using love – romantic love, friendship and familial love – to manipulate them into cooperating in their own exploitation. Learn more about the grooming process and what love doesn’t look.


Love and Trafficking

Now that you’ve educated yourself on how grooming occurs, below are a few resources, including stories from survivors in their own words, which you can share with your networks and audiences to help them understand how sex trafficking really happens. 

Social Media Graphics

The graphics below are excerpts from the stories of survivors who were groomed by people they trusted or even loved.

Social Media Videos

The conversation videos below are based on real experiences of people who were trafficked by family members and intimate partners – people who claimed they loved them. Click here to download the video files and share them.

Key Messages

  • Traffickers are experts at finding their victims’ vulnerabilities and manipulating them – a process known as grooming.
  • The purpose of the grooming process is for a trafficker to be able to gain full control over their victim and manipulate them into cooperating in their own exploitation, making it difficult for them to choose to leave.
  • Sex trafficking rarely begins with kidnapping by a stranger, instead most victims are groomed and exploited by someone they know and may even love.
  • It’s important to learn about how sex trafficking really happens and be able to speak up and have difficult conversations with your loved ones.
  • The grooming process makes it complicated for a person to reach out for help, even if they may need it. No matter where a person is in the process of deciding to leave their situation, the U.S. National Human Trafficking Hotline is here and ready to listen.


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Need help? Polaris operates the U.S. National Human Trafficking Hotline.