Human Trafficking Training

Compassionate, committed individuals and communities like yours are the most powerful resource there is to prevent and reduce human trafficking. But to leverage your power, you need the best possible information. Take our free introductory course, Human Trafficking 101, to learn what human trafficking really is, how it happens, and how you can be part of the solution. 




I definitely think back to this and wonder what would have helped me in that situation and I think knowledge would have been the number one thing. I didn’t know what sex trafficking was.
– Jennifer Lyons, Survivor

Training Modules

Polaris’s interactive, online training program includes six short modules, as well as survivor stories, and quizzes designed to deepen your understanding of the issue.

1. Defining Human Trafficking

This module provides legal definitions and breaks down what human trafficking is and isn’t.

2. How Human Trafficking Happens

Explaining some of the most common ways that human trafficking happens in the United States.

3. Understanding the Victims

Delving into who human trafficking victims are and the factors that make them vulnerable.

4. How Traffickers Operate

Going over how traffickers commonly recruit and control their victims and the factors that make it challenging for victims to leave.

5. Recognizing Human Trafficking

Highlighting the importance of knowing the story behind a situation rather than just knowing the signs.

6. Now What?

Summarizing some of the ways that you can apply your knowledge and understanding to stop trafficking before it happens and support survivors.

Video Modules

Watch video presentations on what human trafficking is and isn’t, what makes victims vulnerable and how traffickers operate, and mostly important – how to support survivors and prevent trafficking in the first place.

Case Studies and Quizzes

Make sure you understand the material by reading sex and labor trafficking case studies and taking a short quiz after each module.

Survivor Stories

Learn from the real experts on human trafficking as they share their lived experiences and perspectives on how we can all prevent trafficking. Through their stories, you can understand how to discuss trafficking with your friends and loved ones.

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Need help? Polaris operates the U.S. National Human Trafficking Hotline.