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Help End Legalized Human Trafficking in U.S. Prisons

Most people assume that the 13th amendment entirely abolished legal slavery in the United States. But there is an exception: Prison labor. Unscrupulous corporations and governments looking to plug holes in their budgets have used this exception to turn a profit. This is trafficking, and it is not what the framers intended. 

End Legalized Slavery

Expand Legal Protections to LGBTQ+ People

LGBTQ+ people are particularly vulnerable to human traffickers in part because bias and discrimination in things like jobs and housing gives traffickers an opening to step in. The Equality Act would make such discrimination illegal under federal law.

Expand Protections

Support Tax Exemptions for Survivors

Survivors should not have to pay federal taxes on money they win by facing down their traffickers in court. Contact your Representatives and ask them to support the bipartisan Human Trafficking Survivor Tax Relief Act (S.895/H.R.6389).

Support Survivors

Pledge to Be THAT Friend

We all may have encountered relationships, whether our loved ones’ or our own, where we grow concerned about behaviors or realize later on that they were manipulative. Pledge to be THAT friend who learns what love isn’t and trafficking is and chooses to tell the truth.

Pledge Now

Dispel Myths About Child Trafficking

Understanding the realities of child sex trafficking will help you to not only keep your own children safe, but to become an effective advocate for the safety of all children and families in your community. Share our graphics on social media and expand awareness of what child trafficking is and how it works.

Share Graphics

Support COVID-19 Relief for Vulnerable Youth

Already in vulnerable positions, COVID-19 and the subsequent economic upheaval have made runaway and homeless youth even more vulnerable than ever to human traffickers. Their options are fewer than ever and their needs likely greater. But so far, the COVID-19 relief legislation has left them behind. Call on your Senators to change this.

Support COVID-19 Relief

Help Protect Vulnerable Youth from Trafficking

Youth and young adults experiencing homelessness often remain invisible as they live on the streets, in shelters, in their car or by staying temporarily with others. Homeless young people have already been failed by numerous systems - and people - who were supposed to help keep them safe. They are in survival mode, lacking the basic necessities of life - a safe place to live, regular sources of food. That’s when traffickers swoop in. 

Protect Our Youth

Stop the Exploitation of Domestic Workers

Domestic workers have been left out of virtually every major federal labor protection law. That fact, coupled with isolated, informal working conditions make this workforce very vulnerable to labor trafficking. It is time to give the nannies, house cleaners and home health aides who help busy families manage their lives the respect, the payment and the protection they deserve.

Help Domestic Workers

Provide Protections for Guest Workers

Each year, hundreds of thousands of guest workers from around the world will enter the U.S. on a myriad of temporary work visas. Many of these guest workers are at the mercy of a single employer for both their job and their legal status in the U.S., making them especially vulnerable to human trafficking.

Protect Guest Workers

Share Infographics About Trafficking

In 2020, the U.S. National Human Trafficking Hotline worked on 10,583 situations of human trafficking involving 16,658 individual survivors. But we can do more with your help! Share our infographics on social media and expand awareness of human trafficking and the Trafficking Hotline.

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Stay Vigilant on Social Media

Social media has become a part of our everyday lives and has changed the way we communicate with friends and family. While many of these platforms have created more ways to keep in touch, meet new friends, and even start relationships, there is also a dark side. Social media has become a platform for human traffickers to recruit potential victims through insincere romantic relationships.

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Need help? Polaris operates the U.S. National Human Trafficking Hotline.