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How can you help end human trafficking?

Human trafficking doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It is the predictable end result of a host of other failures in our society that leave people vulnerable to exploitation. That means we can all play a role in reducing and ultimately ending sex and labor trafficking by working within our communities to ensure everyone has an opportunity to freely choose how they live and work.

Introduction Module: Messages from Dr. Jerry Young and Dr. Allen Smith

Module 1: Historical Context
Human trafficking as we know it today is in many ways an extension of our nation’s history of slavery and racism.
Module 2: What is Human Trafficking?
This module provides legal definitions and breaks down what human trafficking is and what it looks like in reality.
Module 3: Myths and Misconceptions
Explore some of the most common ideas and perceptions that create the wrong impression of what human trafficking is.
Module 4: How Traffickers Operate
This module goes over how traffickers commonly recruit and control their victims and the factors that make it challenging for victims to leave.
Module 5: Who Are the Victims?
Delve into who human trafficking victims are and the factors that make them vulnerable.
Module 6: Understanding Vulnerabilities
In this module, learn more about vulnerabilities through real life examples of human trafficking.
Module 7: Barriers to Identification
Know the situations that make trafficking hard to spot and understand why it is difficult to self-identify as a victim of trafficking.
Module 8: The Role of the Church
Learn some of the ways you can apply your knowledge and use your faith to serve survivors of trafficking. 
Closing Module

Understanding Human Trafficking

There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings about human trafficking that make it more difficult for survivors to recognize their own experience and get help. Learn more here so you can spread the word.

Advocate for Change

Lend the power of your voice to the call for legislative and policy changes that will help support survivors of human trafficking and protect vulnerable communities.

Support Victims and Survivors

Your generosity can make all the difference for victims, survivors and at-risk communities. Donate today to change the systems that make trafficking possible and support the operation of the Trafficking Hotline.

Need help? Polaris operates the U.S. National Human Trafficking Hotline.