The Resilience Fund

Megan Lundstrom


Before joining Polaris in 2023, Megan Lundstrom was the founding CEO of The Avery Center where her work focused on survivor-driven, evidence-based program development with a priority on economic empowerment. Ms. Lundstrom is a national speaker and trainer, and internationally published researcher on topics including human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. Megan is a Network Consultant through the Office for Trafficking in Persons and has contributed to projects including the Department of Treasury’s Report to Congress on An Analysis of Anti-Money Laundering Efforts Related to Human Trafficking and the 2022 and 2023 Trafficking in Persons annual reports. Megan is the author of the Survivor’s Guide to Money, a financial wellness curriculum for survivors of exploitation and trafficking. Ms. Lundstrom is an alum of the Human Trafficking Leadership Academy through NHTTAC and has served on advisory boards for Polaris, ALIGHT, and American University’s MOSAICS program.

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