Survivor Gallery: Allyson Ricketts

Allyson is a survivor-leader and her story is based around a chunk of her life beginning in early 2000 in San Angelo, Texas. Her submission is a excerpt from her book Armor Of Her Embers which is released in segments and available on Amazon, as well as her own photography. Since fleeing her abuser she has found her voice through art, writing, activism and is a recent graduate of a specialized school which focuses on leadership and affirmative action. She also provides uplifting support on her website Armor Of Embers.

As I Was (Excerpt from Armor of Her Embers)

To my trafficker:

YOU trafficked me and abused me horribly from 1999 until you saw no use for me then left me to die in Texas.

YOU are a terrorist. A pathetic human being who preyed on someone until you broke their will to live. – You thought you did. You failed. During that time you extorted me, defrauded me, stole and used my identity and hurt a lot of people! You wont get away with it…

– Allyson Ricketts, Author and Human Trafficking Survivor


Allyson is a survivor-leader who helps to raise awareness and helps others become educated. She consults with groups and law enforcement agencies to help educate others. Slavery is alive and well in this country and she is a powerful voice advocating to help change laws to protect the exploited within family and social/justice systems and beyond. Her submission is from San Angelo, Texas where she spent many years in the confinement of her abuser/trafficker in a tin shack in a field.

Need help? Polaris operates the U.S. National Human Trafficking Hotline.