Survivor Gallery: Sean M. Wheeler

Sean M. Wheeler wrote this poem about being used in child pornography. The poem was originally created for Fight the New Drug, an anti-pornography organization.

My Image…

Give voice to the words that cannot be spoken.
Speak words for the voices that cannot be heard.
Look at their eyes and tell what you see.
Look in their eyes, you’re looking at me.

There in a cage and trapped in a place.
No way out and led to disgrace.
The camera looks on, an unblinking eye.
The images caught; do you see me cry?

I am 7, one of 3 children there.
Adults with us too, and us in despair.
Look at my eyes and tell what you see.
Look in my eyes and inside of me.

In that place I’m a thing, to them nothing more.
Used hit and hurt, what comes next, what’s in store?


To many years trapped in that place.
But I’m no longer there, and I have a face.

I have a heart and a soul and things now to do.
I have a purpose today, to reach out to you.

Look in my eyes and what do you see?
My image restored, the real me.
A voice, restored and meant to be heard.

Look in my eyes, I want you to see.
No broken child, but a man who is FREE.


Sean Wheeler lives and works in Colorado. He was sex trafficked from around age 5 until age 9 and he experienced other forms of abuse for some 15 years, including having been used in child pornography. Sean is the author of the book Wretch available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, iTunes in books and through other outlets. Today, Sean speaks out on the issue of boys and child abuse. He is also the founder of Starfish Ministries, a 501(c)3, in Colorado.

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