Representing the True Diversity of Survivors

November 17, 2021
The National Survivor Study (NSS) is premised on the reality that you cannot change what you do not truly understand – and you cannot truly understand trafficking through studies that treat survivors solely as research subjects. Instead, this scientifically rigorous project flips the traditional dynamics of social science research on its head, working with survivors … Continued

Human Trafficking 101: Combating Misinformation with Education

October 11, 2021
Compassionate, committed individuals and communities that care are the most powerful resource there is to prevent and reduce human trafficking. However, to leverage this power, we must ensure that they are armed with the knowledge necessary to do the work.

The New and Improved Global Modern Slavery Directory

October 1, 2021
The Global Modern Slavery Directory has been helping victims, survivors, and anti trafficking organizations, connect to much needed resources across the globe. We relaunched the website so that it is more than a referral directory, but a tool that can both inform and transform the anti trafficking field.

Understanding Trafficking in the R. Kelly Case: Stripping Away the Glamour to Understand the Crime

September 28, 2021
For decades, R&B singer R. Kelly preyed on young women and men, using promises of a career in the music industry to manipulate them into abusive sexual relationships. We examine this pattern of exploitation and highlight the importance of listening to and believing all survivors.

Protecting Trafficking Victims: ICE’s New Policy Directive

August 23, 2021
A new policy directive issued this summer from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) is an important step for the Administration to build trust with immigrant victims of crime, including victims and survivors of human trafficking, by ensuring that they receive the protections they deserve.

Human Trafficking During a Pandemic: What We Can Learn From a Snapshot in Time

July 21, 2021
Two recent reports based on data from the U.S. National Human Trafficking Hotline highlight how the pandemic exacerbated systemic issues while trafficking adapted to the changing contexts.

Bringing Survivor Expertise to Anti-Money Laundering Professionals

July 12, 2021
A collaboration between researcher and survivor expert Megan Lundstrom, Polaris, PayPal and Capital One, provides anti-money laundering professionals with new insights to interpret the stories told by the bank records and credit card transactions of people experiencing trafficking.

Is Britney Spears A Trafficking Victim?

July 1, 2021
In a statement before a judge about her court-ordered conservatorship, pop icon Britney Spears likened her situation to a form of human trafficking. So is it? While we don't know the full extent of Spears' situation and cannot definitively say whether or not it amounts to trafficking, the level of financial and personal control that she described certainly resembles the forms of control and coercion tactics used in situations of labor trafficking.

Joint Open Letter to G7 Heads of State and Government

June 9, 2021
As leaders meet together this week for the G7 summit, Polaris joins a global group of anti-human trafficking organizations and leaders in a joint letter calling on the G7 to elevate and act on forced labor. Need for Coordinated Action by G7 Leaders on Forced Labour Leaders representing half the global economy meet together this … Continued

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