Referral Pathways: A Collaborative Strategy for Financial Inclusion

April 25, 2024
Financial abuse is one of the primary ways traffickers enforce control over the people they exploit, and how they profit from that exploitation.

Victim Blaming in Family Court: How Child Custody Impacts Survivors

March 8, 2024
Trafficking survivors aren’t defined only by their exploitation — they play many more roles and carry more identities than survivor. One of the most common identities survivors also hold is mother. Survivors support their families, wanting to see their children thrive. Unfortunately, their ability to care for their children can run into systemic barriers resulting … Continued

Prioritizing Survivor Voices at the Federal Level: Criminal Records Relief

October 27, 2023
Without consistent and clear state laws and federal legislation, criminal records remain one of the biggest obstacles that survivors face in rebuilding their lives after exploitation.

Restoring Power to Our Guest Workers

October 27, 2023
Actions are needed to help mitigate H-2B workers’ vulnerabilities and empower them to secure their rights and pursue safe, justly compensated work in the U.S.

Prioritizing Survivor-Centered State Policies: Spotlight on Child Sex Trafficking

October 12, 2023
Sex trafficking is terrible at any age, but stories about child victims and survivors in particular tend to draw more attention.

Prioritizing Survivor-Centered State Policies: Improving Criminal Record Relief

October 5, 2023
Helping survivors with criminal records avoid further exploitation is an ongoing policy priority for Polaris and the anti-trafficking sector.

Prioritizing Survivor-Centered State Policies: The Fight for Fair Labor

September 22, 2023
From coast to coast, anti-trafficking advocates are joining with worker rights and prison reform partners to prevent labor trafficking. 

Responding to Sound of Freedom: Hollywood Needs to Center Survivors and Their Voices

July 13, 2023
The film Sound of Freedom is a Hollywood depiction based on one person’s stories. There are many additional perspectives and stories that complete the picture. 

Still Looking: Survivors Need Long-Term Solutions

July 10, 2023
For survivors of human trafficking, breaking free from the exploiter is often just the beginning of a long journey. Most need longer-term support to truly heal from the traumas they have experienced.

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