Essential Resources for People Affected by Conflict in Ukraine and Afghanistan

March 21, 2022
War, displacement, and poverty create the perfect environment for human traffickers to operate in. Here's a resource guide for victims and survivors.

Polaris CEO Named to Homeland Security Advisory Council

March 17, 2022
There is so much more to be done to protect immigrant victims of human trafficking and reform a system that puts too many people at risk for abuse. With a seat at the table, the anti trafficking field can help guide and inform public policy choices that can dramatically improve how this country supports immigrant victims of trafficking and keeps vulnerable people safe.

Preventing Sex Trafficking By Creating Community

February 28, 2022
Establishing a community center in San Diego that provides a safe space to meet the needs of young Black, LGBTQ+ people would make a significant dent in the likelihood that they would fall prey to sex traffickers.

Love & Trafficking: Being THAT Friend

February 8, 2022
In the hands of human traffickers, love is one of the most powerful weapons. That's why it is important to be THAT friend - the one who understands the difference between love and trafficking and has hard conversations with loved ones you are concerned about when necessary.

Learning from the Experts: An Update on the National Survivor Study

January 27, 2022
Survivors of human trafficking are the real experts in the anti-trafficking movement and Polaris is already seeing the benefits of the National Survivor Study.

Awareness vs. Understanding of Human Trafficking

January 6, 2022
Twenty years ago human trafficking had only officially been a crime in this country for about a year. Building awareness was an urgent undertaking. Today, we see a new urgency around awareness - the need to move past the myths and stereotypes toward a deeper understanding of how human trafficking actually happens.

New Legislation Provides Survivors with a Path to Financial Freedom

January 4, 2022
The Debt Bondage Repair Act creates a process through which survivors can provide information and have adverse credit information resulting from their trafficking experience removed from their credit report.

Tracing the Patterns of Trafficking in the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

November 28, 2021
Ghislaine Maxwell faces six counts, including sex trafficking of a minor and sex trafficking conspiracy, for helping Jeffrey Epstein sexually abuse girls.

Representing the True Diversity of Survivors

November 17, 2021
The National Survivor Study flips the traditional dynamics of social science research on its head, working with survivors as true partners in every step along the way.

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