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Donor Spotlight: Artist and Activist Molly Gochman Won’t Let You Forget About Trafficking Victims

No victim should fall through the cracks of the systems that are meant to protect them.

Artist and activist Molly Gochman was appalled when she was first exposed to the seemingly formidable circumstances surrounding human trafficking. Learning more about the conditions that victims are often forced to endure inspired her to do something to remind us of the estimated 21 million people worldwide living in modern slavery.

In December 2014, Molly created Red Sand Project, a participatory artwork that uses bright red sand in sidewalk cracks to raise awareness of vulnerabilities that can lead to human trafficking. People of all backgrounds – from students to parents, artists to organizations, businesses to celebrities – have taken to the sidewalks to fill the crevices between pavement with red sand, posted their images on social media using #RedSandProject, and inspired conversations about trafficking and ways to end it. Since the Project’s creation, nearly 120,000 toolkits have been requested from people from all 50 states in the U.S. and around the world.

Today, Molly is an active philanthropist in the field as well. Now a generous donor to Polaris and a critical partner in awareness-raising, Molly’s philanthropy and activism have both expanded and refined as she continues to seek out the most effective organizations and projects in the field for combating trafficking. Molly’s efforts to champion this cause have contributed immeasurably to the public’s understanding of the omnipresence of this crime.

“Learning more about trafficking has eased my discomfort around this subject. I believe that together, we have the power to end this atrocity.”

Individuals or groups interested in participating in Red Sand Project can apply to be a local ambassador or order their free Red Sand Toolkit here. You can also follow the movement on social media @RedSandProject and with #RedSandProject.

Thank you, Molly, for not only financially supporting Polaris, but for your efforts to involve individuals and communities in raising awareness and helping restore freedom to survivors of human trafficking!

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