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Double Your Impact for Survivors on #GivingTuesday

Human trafficking has been reported in all 50 states in the U.S. So, for our #GivingTuesday campaign this year at Polaris, we wanted to focus not only only on responding to individuals but also on how we can stop these cases from happening at all.

At Polaris we deploy a comprehensive model to eradicate all forms of human trafficking. Grounded in data gathered from the lived experiences of survivors, Polaris responds to victims of human trafficking effectively and immediately; equips key stakeholders and communities to address and prevent human trafficking; and disrupts the business of human trafficking through targeted campaigns.

Polaris applies its data-driven model by implementing the following programs:

  • National Human Trafficking Hotline – The National Human Trafficking Hotline (1-888-373-7888) connects survivors of all forms of human trafficking to nationwide services to get help and stay safe, and shares actionable tips and insights with the anti-trafficking community.

  • Strategic Initiatives – Polaris seeks to permanently disrupt specific trafficking networks through strategic interventions. Current campaigns include combating illicit massage businesses and sex trafficking of women and girls from Mexico.

  • Data Analysis Program  – Polaris uses sophisticated data management and analysis technology to find out where and how traffickers operate so that we can put them out of business, keep them from harming more people, and help survivors find the services they need.

Polaris was built on a promise: to make freedom happen now for all victims of human trafficking. Donors have helped us keep that promise in communities all across the country. As the backbone of our support we count on you.

Don’t forget: all gifts will be matched, dollar for dollar—but only if you give before midnight. Double your gift:

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Need help? Polaris operates the U.S. National Human Trafficking Hotline.