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Five Reasons You Should Run Against Human Trafficking

On June 24th  Polaris is hosting its first ever Freedom Happens Now 5K run/walk in the DC metro area. Need more encouragement to run with us this summer? We can think of at least 5 reasons to dust off your running shoes.

1. You’ll be making an impact

Your support will make a huge difference in the fight against human trafficking. You’ll be raising the critical funds that allow us to be  there for the thousands of victims and survivors we serve.  We simply can’t do it without you.

2. It’s great exercise

Signing up to a run/walk is a great way to motivate yourself to get out and exercise.  The beauty of the 5K is that it’s totally doable for people of all ages and running levels.  Both the distance of the race and the commitment you have to put into training are brief.  Even if you’ve never run farther than around the block, working up to just over 3 miles is relatively easy.

3. It’s social

Walking is a true team activity. Signing up with a friend will help you both stay motivated, when you’re training and the day of the event. You’ll also meet some great folks who care about the issue of human trafficking and who are working everyday to end it.

4. Amazing event experience

During the Freedom Happens Now 5K  you’ll be treated to sensational pre-event and post event receptions, giveaways, incredible food and the best atmosphere! We promise you’ll love every minute.

5. Finally, it’s just the beginning!

Once you experience the thrill of completing your first run against human trafficking, odds are you’ll be hooked and thinking ahead to your next race.  Whether you keep training to shave time off your next 5K or to shoot for a half marathon, the foundation you’ll build on this seemingly short race will carry you far.

Are you ready ?

Don’t wait, register to run in our first ever 5K event this summer by visiting Interested participants are encouraged to register early to be eligible for the reduced registration rate of $40.   A virtual runner option is available to those who are unable to attend, but want to support the 5k. Virtual runner registrations cost $30.

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