Labor Trafficking on Specific Temporary Work Visas

A Data Analysis 2018-2020

Every year, hundreds of thousands of low-wage workers come to this country legally, holding visas that allow them to work in certain kinds of jobs for prescribed periods of time. American businesses – particularly in the agricultural sector – say these workers are vital to their operations and by extension, to the U.S. economy. But the laws designed to keep these workers safe are rarely enforced and the design of the system traps them in abusive, exploitative and trafficking situations.


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We analyzed data from the four major temporary visa programs heard about most frequently on the Trafficking Hotline. The data revealed significant labor exploitations and abuses in each visa category.

Protect Essential Foreign Workers From Labor Trafficking 

The Administration can and must lead the way toward fixing the broken system that allows for – even encourages – labor trafficking of workers in this country on temporary visas. There are some steps in that direction that the White House and the agencies can take immediately and others where Congress is involved. The solutions are clear and the time is now. 

Urge Transparency in Congress for Guest Workers

Traffickers operate in the darkness and shadows. Unfortunately, our current system of issuing and overseeing temporary work visas is such an environment. Tell Congress: Transparency can keep people safe from trafficking.  

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