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Polaris, Liberty Global | Asia Join Forces to Help Finance Industry Fight Human Trafficking

WASHINGTON, DC (Sept. 18, 2018)—Polaris and Liberty Global | Asia today announced a new partnership to provide support, guidance, and direction to the finance industry in North America in the fight against human trafficking and modern slavery.

The partnership is the result of a year-long collaboration during which the two leading anti-human trafficking leaders honed the tools for businesses that provide banking, payment, finance, and investment services to clients concerned about being involved in or profiting from human trafficking, modern slavery, and forced labor.

Together, this partnership will result in the:

  • Creation of more accessible, comprehensive, relevant, and applicable U.S. related data information about human trafficking for use by U.S. financial institutions, including transactional mapping information products. The analysis covers investor liability, AML typologies, and information about supply chains; 
  • Coordinated efforts to communicate data and information with U.S. financial institutions in key market positions in financial services to priority industries, such as agriculture, fishing, the commercial sex industry, and construction; 
  • Availability of anti-human trafficking training for local and state financial institutions, such as trafficking identification, methods of using data and information products, and industry-specific information (e.g. agriculture, fishing industry, and the commercial sex industry); 
  • Development of training for U.S. civil society to support greater use of techniques and information generation that can be used to disrupt and stop financial flows to and from those benefitting from human trafficking; and 
  • Support and coordinate efforts and activities with U.S. law enforcement and financial regulators.

“Our partnership will help ensure that the financial services industry has the right tools and information at their fingertips to maximize their potential as a powerful force in the fight to prevent and disrupt human trafficking,” said Bradley Myles, CEO of Polaris.

“Positive and impactful collaboration is essential in the fight against trafficking and we have enjoyed working with Polaris in this area for nearly a year now and excited about what we can do together in a more formal and structured relationship,” said Duncan Jepson, Managing Director Liberty Global | Asia.



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