Sex Trafficking from Mexico

We are analyzing and disrupting trafficking networks that target young women and girls from Mexico, while bolstering the regional safety net for survivors.

Illicit Massage Businesses

We are building support for survivors and ending human trafficking in these venues that are disguised as legitimate businesses.

Survivor Support

Survivors of trafficking face significant challenges in accessing services they desperately need - including housing, counseling, and medical care.

More Initiatives

Global Safety Net

Human traffickers operate across borders, and Polaris helps agencies develop cross-border collaborations to combat trafficking and...

Temporary Visas

Many victims of labor trafficking enter the U.S. with temporary visas, but are tricked or forced into horrendous conditions.

Children & Youth

Children and youth victims of human trafficking face severe negative effects. Polaris acts to ensure trafficked youth receive the...


Hotels are a common venue for sex trafficking and labor trafficking exists in the industry’s work force and supply chain.

Sales Crews

Labor trafficking has been left unchecked in the traveling sales crews industry. Workers need protection from ongoing abuses.

Supply Chains

Ensuring transparent supply chains is the first step to eradicating goods and services made by forced labor from our marketplaces.