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Uniting to Pursue Our Vision and Values

Like many across the country, we at Polaris felt strong, diverse reactions to last week’s election results. However, regardless of our political affiliation, you and I know that exploiting human beings for profit must be stopped in our country. This is an issue that we can all unite around: victims of human trafficking still need our support while we pursue the traffickers who rob individuals of their freedom.

As we transition to a new Executive Branch Administration, Polaris’s organizational values will not change. We always serve a mission that is bigger than ourselves and we recognize we cannot do this work alone. Every day we strive to model the following values in our work: a spirit of service, honoring the survivor experience, inclusion and equity, humility, courage, and taking actions that achieve results. By working collectively, we  can end human trafficking and restore freedom to survivors.

Polaris’s bipartisan efforts to prevent this form of modern slavery and protect vulnerable people are as important as ever. With some 60,000 supporters, activists, partners, and donors, we will continue to:

Achieving each of these goals requires that we build partnerships across movements to promote gender equality, along with the rights of racial and ethnic minorities, and LGBTQ populations. Only then can we disrupt the conditions that allow human trafficking to thrive in our society.

We thank you for supporting us in these efforts. And we look forward to uniting with you to pursue our vision of a world where Freedom Happens Now.

Photo credit: John Menard / Flickr


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