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Lessons Learned about Trafficking 40 Years Later: A Survivor’s Perspective

Blog Post — October 16, 2020
Editors Note: This guest blog post features the reflections and opinions of an expert in human trafficking who offers historical perspectives on progress in the anti human trafficking field in the 20 years since enactment of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act.  By Cheri Crider I was trafficked in the early 1980s. I didn’t learn about … Continued

Why an Increase in Victims and Survivors Contacting the Trafficking Hotline is Meaningful

Blog Post — August 4, 2020
The U.S. National Human Trafficking Hotline saw a nearly 20 percent increase in victims and survivors directly reaching out for support. This indicates a significant development for both the Trafficking Hotline and the anti-trafficking field as a whole.

Promising Practices: An Overview of Trauma-Informed Therapeutic Support for Survivors of Human Trafficking

Resource — November 5, 2019
This report from Polaris and the Sanar Wellness Institute provides an overview of promising therapeutic support that can be used to enhance individual and group intervention for survivors of all forms of human trafficking.

From Recruitment to Resilience: Trafficking Survivors Find Support on Social Media

Blog Post — March 6, 2019

For many survivors of commercial exploitation and trafficking, social media has been an integral part of their recovery process as well as a way to network and grow professionally.

Surviving with Social Media: How Victims and Survivors use Social Media to Stay Safe

Blog Post — February 28, 2019

More than three-quarters of survivors surveyed by Polaris in 2017 reported that they used internet platforms during their exploitation.

More than Four Walls: The Anti-Trafficking Housing Landscape and the Reality of Finding Shelter

Blog Post — November 7, 2018

Despite the anti-trafficking community’s great strides to create a safety net for survivors, there are still many systematic and inadvertent barriers that block survivors from accessing the critical housing they need.

The Role Domestic Violence Shelters Play in Supporting Human Trafficking Survivors

Blog Post — October 30, 2018

Many domestic violence (DV) programs have come to understand the profound similarities in the experiences of DV and human trafficking. Both situations are rooted in power and control.  Survivors in both are often hurt by someone they see as an intimate partner. Both can face similar cycles of violence. And both often face a need for safe, emergency housing.

Mi Testimonio es para Ti

Blog Post — November 9, 2017
Yo, Carmen, como víctima, sobreviviente y miembro de la comunidad que soy ahora, y para terminar el relato de mi vida en la trata de personas, tengo un mensaje para ti.

My Story Is for You

Blog Post — November 9, 2017

"As a victim, survivor, and now, community member, I’m here to tell you that we can all join in the fight against human trafficking if we don’t stay silent." In the final part of her story, Carmen shares a message for survivors and community members. 

Recuperé Mi Vida

Blog Post — November 8, 2017

En ese momento, yo me encontraba en un punto en el que confiar y desconfiar era lo mismo. Ya no me importaba morir o vivir, ni tampoco lo que le pasara a mi familia. Tenía que arriesgarme. Entonces les dije un poco de lo que me estaba sucediendo, sin importarme si me creían o no, pero sí me ayudaron.  Lee la cuarta parte de la historia de Carmen.

I Got My Life Back

Blog Post — November 2, 2017

"I was at such a low point where trusting and distrusting were the same. I no longer cared if I lived or died, or if something happened to my family. I had to take the risk."  Read part four of Carmen's story. 

From “Great Guy” to Trafficker

Blog Post — November 1, 2017

"'No!' I said once again, and suddenly, that so-called 'great guy,' who had promised he wouldn't hurt me, turned into a monster." Carmen shares part three of her story.

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