Survivor Gallery

Survivors of sex and labor trafficking are the true experts and the engine of innovation in the anti-human trafficking field. But they are also so much more than that. Some work in the field and some don’t. They are teachers and parents, artists and writers, doctors and lawyers. They are fierce, resilient, talented and diverse. This is some of their work. 

Stephanie Anderson

Stephanie Anderson is a survivor of trafficking from Montana. Her submission is an excerpt from From Unlikely to Unlimited, a 2016 project she worked on with her son, Christian. Stephanie tells the story of their journey encountering and overcoming her son’s autism diagnosis. The story is accompanied by a classical music soundtrack composed by Christian.

Ashlie Bailey

Ashlie Bailey is a trafficking survivor leader from Tyler, TX who has dedicated her life to the fight against human trafficking. Ashlie is also the co-founder of the Henry, Leroy, Oscar Call Your Mom! campaign and co-founder of The Finding Hope Project. Many years ago, Ashlie was able to find her voice through her art, music, and writing and she has shared photos of her art and jewelry collection Beauty for Ashes Designs.

Eric Harris

Eric Harris is a consultant and field expert in the area of human trafficking, lending his expertise to several anti-trafficking organizations, taskforces, and coalitions. Eric’s submission is a narrative of his experience as a survivor – an excerpt from one of the presentations he provides on human trafficking from a male survivor’s perspective.

Shanna Parker

Shanna Parker is a survivor of child sex trafficking and the founder of Angels Go To Work, an organization working to eradicate human trafficking through education, collaboration, and community efforts that is led by survivors. Shanna has worked with a group of allies, survivors and supporters to develop a photo project entitled “Oh Say Can You See,” depicting a more realistic view of what human trafficking looks like in America. These images have been used in power points, print-media, training materials, art displays, awareness presentations, trainings and more.

Kelly Patterson

While shame and pain kept her quiet for years, Kelly Patterson’s journey of healing and freedom from sex trafficking are giving her a loud voice today. Her artwork and writing skills reflect her passion to reach out to other survivors, lend understanding to their family and friends, and light a fire in others to help in the fight against sex trafficking in all its forms.

Kelly Wells (Cody)

Kelly Wells is a survivor of sex trafficking, sexual assault, and domestic violence. She wrote her first book Who Am I, Discovering the Value and Worth of Women as a way to overcome, forgive, and heal from her trauma. In 2016, Kelly wrote In Full Bloom, a poem that was published in the U.S. Library of Congress.

Sean M. Wheeler

Sean M. Wheeler wrote this poem about being used in child pornography. The poem was originally created for Fight the New Drug, an anti-pornography organization.

Natashia Wilson

Natashia Wilson is a survivor from Las Vegas. She is a spokesmodel for the organization Voices for Dignity, advocating on behalf of sexually, mentally, physically, and verbally abused women.  Additionally, she is a property manager at the organization Chattanooga Community Kitchen. There, she provides continuous support and mentorship to ten women who have dealt with unspeakable emotional and physical abuse.

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