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When the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline or Polaris provides referrals for trafficking cases across the United States we know which organizations to call for help. When a victim reaches out from another country, however, we turn to the Global Modern Slavery Directory.

The Directory contains over 2,800 organizations in 199 countries, but we are constantly looking to update and strengthen it. Please help us build the Directory and expand the global safety net for victims. Send an email to with the names of two organizations in your country who you think should be included.

Earlier this year, we learned of a West African woman trapped in domestic servitude in the Middle East. We were able to use the Directory to connect her with an organization in her home country that could provide services upon her return, and because of that support she was able to leave her trafficking situation. The Directory has proven to be an incredibly useful tool for connecting victims with the services they need across the globe, and we encourage you to use it in the same way -- to refer victims from other countries to people who can help.

We encourage you to share the Directory with your networks on Facebook and Twitter so they can use this tool, too. It’s simple -- just use the hashtags #modernslavery and #AntiSlaveryDirectory.

Here are some sample posts you can use to help spread the word about this important tool:


#Modernslavery is a global problem, so we need a global solution. Use the #AntiSlaveryDirectory to find orgs around the world:

The #AntiSlaveryDirectory includes 1700 orgs from 174 countries serving victims of #modernslavery:

Use the #AntiSlaveryDirectory when victims from other countries come to you for help:

If we can’t help a victim, we use the #AntiSlaveryDirectory to connect them with someone who can:

Does your organization serve survivors of human trafficking outside the U.S.? Join the #Antislaverydirectory:


The Global Modern Slavery Directory has been expanded to include over 2,800 organizations from 199 countries. Together, they are working together to help victims of #modernslavery get connected to the help they need, no matter where they are in the world. Do you know an organization outside of the United that is nterested in being listed? Check out the #AntiSlaveryDirectory and encourage them to apply here:

20.9 million people are victims of forced labor of sexual exploitation around the world. If you know someone in need of help, use the #AntiSlaveryDirectory to connect human trafficking survivors to the services they need in 199 countries around the world. Check out the Global Modern Slavery Directory here: