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Finding Solutions and Solidarity

To the Polaris community and survivor leaders specifically:

There are many things the anti trafficking community does not agree on, and some very deep and very real divisions that make it hard to work together at times. But we agree with the four policy proposals outlined in this blog and we believe they are a starting place for us to come together on policies that can meaningfully improve the lives of people in the sex trade. We hope you will consider them, and that this is the beginning of a dialogue. 

As the blog highlights, arresting people directly selling sex does not help anyone and in fact, harms people in trafficking situations. It should be illegal for law enforcement to request or receive sexual services under the guise of an investigation; people directly selling sex should be able to report crimes against them without fear of arrest or prosecution and trafficking survivors should have a clear, workable pathway to have their records cleared of criminal charges related to their trafficking.

Read more if you are interested, and let’s start seeing how we can make progress together.

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