Criminal Record Relief

Model Legislation and Issue Briefs

Resource — September 15, 2015
For a comprehensive model law that can guide states in drafting legislation to combat human trafficking in the United States, please see the Uniform Law Commission’s Uniform Act on Human Trafficking.

Progress on Criminal Record Relief for Trafficking Survivors

Blog Post — August 12, 2019

In the months since Polaris released report cards that analyzed and ranked state laws offering criminal records relief for survivors of human trafficking, two states have passed significant improvements and several others have made major steps forward. 

The Importance of Criminal Record Relief for Human Trafficking Survivors

Blog Post — March 20, 2019

Survivors of human trafficking have criminal records because they were forced into commercial sex, or drug sales, or other offenses. Many, but not all states have recognized that this is fundamentally unfair and that survivors of human trafficking deserve the chance to have those records cleared. 

State Report Cards: Grading Criminal Record Relief Laws for Survivors of Human Trafficking

Resource — March 1, 2019
We offer detailed report cards for each state, assessing what works and what doesn't in their laws - if they have one - and providing clear steps for improvement.

Victims of Human Trafficking Aren’t Criminals

Blog Post — September 29, 2016

Our justice system needs to provide victims with the tools required to help them rebuild their lives.

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