Temporary Visas

Positive Steps Toward Protecting House Cleaners, Nannies, and Other Domestic Workers

Blog Post — November 13, 2019
Nannies, housecleaners and health aides toil in private homes, behind closed doors, usually without onsite co-workers, and virtually without labor protections. All that makes them extremely vulnerable to labor trafficking. But two recent developments will go a long way toward helping keep this workforce safer in certain cities.

Systemic Change Matrix: Disrupting and Preventing Human Trafficking

Published May 31, 2018
This matrix depicts the 25 major types of human trafficking in the United States, cross-referenced with eight highlighted systems and industries.

Human Trafficking on Temporary Work Visas: A Data Analysis 2015-2017

Published June 1, 2018
This report analyzes data from the National Human Trafficking Hotline and spotlights how human traffickers are weaponizing structural flaws within the temporary work visa system.

New Report Provides Roadmap for Industries to Join the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Blog Post — July 26, 2018

Polaris released its newest ground-breaking report on how human trafficking business models attempt to intersect with and use legitimate businesses like financial services, social media, hotels & motels, transportation systems, health care, and housing and homelessness systems to further their operations in very specific ways to recruit and exploit victims.

New Report Spotlights How Temporary Work Visas Facilitate U.S. Labor Trafficking

Blog Post — June 5, 2018

Over the course of this year, hundreds of thousands of laborers from around the world will be invited to our shores as guest workers. They will come in search of economic opportunity, or for a summer job and an adventure. As the debate over immigration rages on, these men and women will pick our fruits and vegetables, mow our lawns, care for our children and clean our homes. They will be here legally, as guests of the United States government, under temporary work visas programs that have existed for decades and grown steadily over that time.

Broken Temporary Work Visa System Facilitates U.S. Labor Trafficking

June 5, 2018

Polaris released a report analyzing data from the National Human Trafficking Hotline that spotlights how human traffickers are weaponizing structural flaws within the temporary work visa system.

New Bill Would Bring Transparency to America’s Work Visa System and Fight Human Trafficking

January 11, 2018

Polaris hailed legislation introduced designed to shed light on the poorly understood temporary foreign worker visa system.

The Typology of Modern Slavery: Defining Sex and Labor Trafficking in the United States

Published March 1, 2017
From sex trafficking to labor trafficking, the ways humans are exploited differ greatly. Each type has unique strategies for recruiting and controlling victims and concealing the crime.

How We Can Protect Temporary Visa Holders from Trafficking

Blog Post — April 21, 2016

A bill has been introduced to Congress that would require a more public reporting process for temporary work programs. Here's why we need it to pass.

Labor Brokers and the Bait-and-Switch for Temporary Workers

Blog Post — March 8, 2016

A recent investigation shows how labor recruiters use false promises to entrap foreign workers. How do they get away with it?

Labor Trafficking in the Land of Opportunity

Blog Post — December 29, 2015

Foreign workers who have paid large recruitment and travel fees to labor recruiters are particularly vulnerable to exploitation.

Labor Trafficking in the U.S.: A Closer Look at Temporary Work Visas

Published October 1, 2015
Labor Trafficking in the U.S.: A Closer Look at Temporary Work Visas, provides crucial insight into the experiences of temporary visa workers in the U.S. and the barriers victims face in accessing help.

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