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Our Goal

Our corporate partners share our vision to disrupt trafficking at the root and establish slavery-proof environments. Using the exclusive data gathered from managing the National Human Trafficking Hotline, we develop sustainable, service-oriented and survivor-centric corporate partnerships that achieve measurable results and deliver economic value to our partners while furthering our mission.


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Why Corporations Partner With Us

90% of global consumers admit they would boycott a company if they learned of irresponsible or deceptive business practices like human trafficking. By joining our efforts, our corporate partners actively protect their brand and demonstrate their commitment to responsible practices.

Ways to Partner

Our corporate engagement team designs solutions for our corporate partners to identify and respond to trafficking within their industries, with the ultimate goal of establishing slavery-proof environments. We offer a sophisticated model that builds on our experience with survivors and uses data to disrupt the human trafficking economy.

   Direct Giving

Help us deliver on essential programs like the National Human Trafficking Hotline and data analysis team while providing emergency support services to survivors.

   Employee Engagement

Provide employee trainings to identify trafficking and create other meaningful opportunities to engage in their community, build camaraderie, and improve employee retention.


Identify vulnerabilities and permanently disrupt trafficking networks in your value chain through expert analyses of our exclusive industry-specific data.

   Customer Engagement

Engaging customers directly through distribution of National Hotline materials moves them from passive consumers to engaged citizens, improving customer loytalty and good-will for your brand.

   Awareness Campaigns

Increasing public awareness of trafficking in the U.S. is essential to our mission. Join campaigns create public interest while generating goodwill for your corporate brand and provide opportunities to deepen your customer-base experiences through Polaris's network.

   Cause Marketing

Tailored partnerships help achieve corporate social responsibility goals and further meaningful product engagement. Cause marketing enables us to provide essential resources to survivors like temporary lodging and travel.

   Survivor Partnerships

Learn from first-hand accounts of our survivor ambassadors to equip your company with resources to eliminate trafficking in your business and provide meaningful support to the survivor community.



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